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How We Do It

From our own experiences and through many conversations with other entrepreneurs, we have found that many smaller companies (SME’s) have a founder group with great focus in a few critical areas of emphasis. These focus areas are usually central to the organizations business structure. As an example, a founder experienced in engineering usually has an organization that has a strong engineering focus. These core departments in the business become like “a comfortable chair” where the management team returns to over and over again.

Sometimes companies believe that they can drive the entire organization forward by doing more of what they already focus on the most;

“if only we had more sales to solve our problems”

“we need to do more engineering and design, build a new version”

“we haven’t spent anything on improving in years, we should cut more costs”

Other areas in the business become “must dos” not “want to dos” they are not unlike chores we all have to do on the weekend, get them finished as fast as possible.

As we have several companies under our guidance at Swift we have sufficient size to develop real strategic competence around all areas of business and make these skills available for our partner companies.

Financial Management, Information Technology, Human Resources, Operational Efficiency, and Project Management are some of the key focus areas that we can bring to our partner companies.

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An Even Deeper Look

As we continue to grow, we are resilient in developing our management structure, utilizing the skill sets found amongst the Swift management team and our partner companies. We provide experience, guidance, as well as newfound resources to our partner companies. These resources provide the impetus for growth and optimization for our companies.

Often, smaller companies have been carefully managing risk as they have carefully grown over the years. The investment needed to leverage technology or realize a growth strategy, are often more than what the ownership is willing to contribute or risk.

With our expanding group of companies and access to investment capital, Swift can effectively and efficiently develop and implement optimization and growth strategies. By being part of our team, we allow our partners the opportunity to unlock the potential within their organization.

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Swift actively looks for potential partners that fit our investment criteria and more importantly our cultural model. We believe that both short and long term partnerships can be established where Swift offers the opportunity to monetize a portion of their existing worth, join a great team, have access to growth capital, and still remain active in their life’s work.