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Our History

Swift Industry Ltd. was initially conceived as a vehicle to take advantage of a large project back in 2010. The company was originally organized to be project orientated in order that it could be very flexible in its operating strategy, allowing it to take advantage of emerging market trends, project work, new products and new technologies.

For the next few years Swift was largely inactive as it developed its present strategy and operating model.

2013 – using its internally developed evaluation model, the Swift team embarks on a search of potential acquisition targets in Alberta.

2014 – Northwest Equipment Ltd. (NWE) becomes the first acquisition by Swift Industry. Northwest Equipment has a long history in the compressed air segment, providing manufactured air packages, equipment, and parts and service throughout western Canada for many years.

2016 – New venture Swift Industrial Services Ltd. (SIS) is launched. Swift Industrial Services will provide steel fabrication services in the Edmonton area with its operating address in the northeast Edmonton / Sherwood Park area.

2016 – Swift Industry headquarters opens in west Edmonton. This location is shared with Northwest Equipment’s new and larger Edmonton location.