We provide a strong managerial focus for its operating companies.


Swift Industry Ltd. is an Alberta based private equity company that owns and operates a portfolio of businesses operating in Western Canada.

Swift Industry provides a strong managerial focus for its operating companies. Our group possesses many years as successful business operators, we bring strength in Finance, Operations, Human Resources, and Information and Communication Technology. We strive to deliver best practice experience in a variety of fields such as; performance management, organizational development, and strategic management. Swift Industry partners with business and capital owners who are looking to realign their investments allowing them a greater degree of personal freedom around an equity growth strategy.

IT Planning

Industrial Design

Human Resources

Financial Management

Organizational Development

Health & Safety Environment

We acquire and invest in companies and build them to grow and last.


As we formulated our plan for the creation of Swift we recognized the need in the Western Canada marketplace for a great company that could provide opportunity to other SME’s (Small and Medium sized Enterprises) and their owners in helping them achieve a greater potential. Swift is looking for like minded leaders of companies who want to “build great” as well. We envision a network of organizations unified around a great central brand. These strategic relationships will empower us in building legacy and enhanced recognition in our operating marketplace

Many smaller organizations with successful well established brands, have not had the desire or resource base to implement a growth orientated strategy. In effect, these brands would now be able to overcome the challenges imposed by an increasingly more complex operating environment. They would have a strong team in their corner, additional capital available for improvements and potential exits for their ownership group.


Swift actively looks for potential partners that fit our investment criteria and more importantly our cultural model. We believe that both short and long term partnerships can be established where Swift offers the opportunity to monetize a portion of their existing worth, join a great team, have access to growth capital, and still remain active in their life’s work.

Northwest Equipment is the largest supplier of compressed air equipment and services in Western Canada. It is a total compressed air solutions company who specializes in the design, engineering and fabrication of compressed air, nitrogen generation and VRU systems in all industries. 

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